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Founded in 2005, Princeton Brain & Spine believes there's a better way to practice medicine than bending to the whims of big insurance companies. Using technologically advanced treatment techniques, our experienced surgeons and physicians have built a practice centered on patient relationships, not managed care policies. Here, your health, healing and quality of life are our primary objectives.

Patient Testimonials

Lives changed. Hope restored.

Dr. Tormenti – Spine Surgery Restores William to Walking

On 2/16/2017, I was brought into St. Mary’s emergency department with a spine injury. Dr. Tormenti was called to help me on his day off. He quickly got me into surgery, giving me only a 1% chance of walking again. He and his staff worked tirelessly for hours to help me. Thank God for Dr.…

Cervical Surgery: What a Doctor Says

I’m Maria Sophocles. I’m a gynecologist at Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, and my practice specializes in sexual medicine and problems related to menopause. In November 2014, I developed weakness in my left hand and severe pain radiating from the neck down through my shoulder and then to my fingertips. As a surgeon this had the…

Derwyn H. Return to Performing

My name is Derwyn. I’m a musician and I’m a composer of music. I had severe pain in my T12-L1 disc and vertebrae. It was severe over a period of time, to the point where it made me vomit, and ended up in an emergency room screaming. They contacted Dr. McLaughlin. He was immediately astute…

Right Parietal Lobe Osteoma

Dr. Kukla was diagnosed with an osteoma in her right parietal lobe. In this video she talks about her care in the hands of Dr. McLaughlin. My name is Jamie Kukla. I’m a chiropractor at Dr. Jamie Kukla Chiropractic. I was diagnosed with an osteoma in the right parietal lobe of my head. It was…

Traumatic Disc Rupture from a Simple Fall

What seems like a minor accident can result in major injuries and consequences. In this video, our patient Cheryl G describes her treatment by Dr. Shah as well as her whole experience with the Princeton Brain & Spine team. My name is Cheryl. I had a fall in 2014. I was down at our waterfront,…

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