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Clinical Assistant Program:
A Front Office Run by the Future of Medicine

Here at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine Care, we work with students looking to get into a medical profession and give them experience in an office setting. Below are testimonials of students who benefited from our clinical assistant program. If you’re a pre-med student looking for clinical experience, please call the office to inquire for details – 215-741-3141.

Melanie Orr

MelanieIn 2017, I was a fresh premedical graduate from TCNJ, and had absolutely no idea how to begin to pursue a medical career. It was at that time that I decided to march my resume to as many doctor’s offices as I could and ask if they had any shadowing opportunities. The one and only doctor to respond to my request with Dr. Seth Joseffer. I was astonished and honored to have the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished, humble, and truly magnificent physician. Observing Dr. Joseffer both in the OR and during clinic hours at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine allowed me to better understand the life of a physician and gave me a platform to ask questions pertaining to my own path into medicine. After a few months of shadowing, I was offered the opportunity to work with Dr. Joseffer and the Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine team as a Clinical Assistant.

PBSC has allowed me to examine our medical practice from many avenues. First and foremost, I have been able to assist in patient care every single day, working alongside our exceptional clinical staff. Additionally, I work with the many departments behind the scenes to ensure we are delivering excellent patient care such as our billing, legal, and special services departments. Through these interactions, I have learned some of the intricacies of what goes into making a medical practice successful. In August of 2018, I began a new role as the Clinical Assistant Supervisor. In this position, I have developed and maintained guidelines for the Clinical Assistants, organized meetings, train staff, conducted performance evaluations and assisted in coordinating staff schedules. I also serve as the Shadowing Coordinator for Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine, helping students and residents gain meaningful shadowing experiences in our clinic and OR. Perhaps most importantly, my time at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine has introduced me to other premedical students that became my greatest support in the application process to medical school. After work, many of us would meet together to study for the MCAT, review our applications, and conduct mock medical school interviews. I started my journey at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine lost and unsure how to accomplish my career goals, and will be leaving confident in my clinical and leadership skills, admitted to medical school, and with lifelong friends- all for which I am unfathomably grateful for. Thank you PBSC for the most formative years of my young adult life.

Daniel Somma

I started this job at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine with the anticipation of one day pursuing medical school. Shortly after I met the providers and staff was when I realized I would get more out of this job than just an experience to put on my applications. I was met with individualized support not only towards my short-term professional goals, but also towards long-term personal goals. I had the opportunity to learn from the doctors in the office and operating room, which was an eye opening experience. The surgeons at Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine are incredible teachers with unique backgrounds, who understand what it means to provide exceptional care. PBSC fosters an inclusive environment that encourages personal growth and allows its employees to feel appreciated. This experience has definitely shaped me to be a better provider of healthcare in the future.

Mark Ibrahim

MarkWhen I took my gap year, I was looking for an opportunity in the health field that can help me grow and learn. In November 2019, I was fortunate to join the PBSC family, where I learned a tremendous amount in the field. Meanwhile, it was my first experience in the field since I moved from Egypt, everyone was always willing to help me and guide me. I was interacting with patients and shadowing physicians on a daily basis. After working at PBSC for seven months, I was able to improve my communication skills with patients and I felt more prepared for medical school. I will be starting medical school in the next fall, and I can’t wait to apply what I have learned at PBSC in my medical journey.

Rashika Verma

RashikaAs a Clinical Assistant (CA), I have the opportunity to actively participate in patient care while also learning what it truly means to be a doctor. I’ve learned important medical skills such as, medications, medical terminology, insurance, and hands-on skills such as suturing and interpreting MRI scans, and am particularly proud of the connections I have built with patients. In my previous healthcare experiences as an EMT or a hospital volunteer, I got to interact with patients but didn’t have the opportunity to follow their care in the long term. As a CA, I enjoy following up on patients’ progress in consecutive visits and seeing which factors the doctors use to map out treatment plans. Being an active participant in patients’ treatment and having the opportunity to ask questions about specific cases has allowed me to understand the thought processes and skills that go into patient care. I know this knowledge will be invaluable as I continue in my medical journey to medical school and beyond.

In addition to this medical exposure, I have also learned a great deal from my fellow CAs and have made friendships I know I will carry with me for many years to come. I highly recommend this position to anyone interested in pursuing a healthcare-related field!

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