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Stereotactic Image-Guided Surgery

Advanced Techniques for Improved Outcomes

Stereotactic image-guided surgery uses 3-D imaging technology to locate tumors and lesions in the spine and fix their location for optimum placement of surgical instruments. The GPS-like technology allows Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine neurosurgeons to minimize surrounding tissue disturbance/damage during delicate spinal procedures.

Advantages of Stereotactic Image-Guidance Over Traditional Surgery

  • Surgical precision: Using the real-time 3-D images generated by image-guided systems, neurosurgeons are able to exactly track the position of their instruments as they access the targeted area, tumor, or lesion. With traditional or 2-D surgical methods, the surgeon would have to move tissue to actually see the targeted area with his naked eyes.
  • Advanced preparation: An initial CT scan or MRI is usually performed in order to locate the area of concern and establish markers for positioning the patient and instruments during the operation. This scan also allows the surgeon to preplan the procedure, reducing the length of time in the actual surgery.
  • Better surgical control: Image-guided surgery is used in conjunction with robotic systems that allow the surgeon to operate with greater precision and control than he would have in traditional surgical methods. Spinal surgeries performed using these advanced technologies are usually shorter, safer, and minimally invasive.
  • Shorter recovery times: Surgeries using stereotactic image guidance produce better patient outcomes. Less tissue damage during the surgery results in faster healing, fewer complications, and less pain.

Advanced Surgical Technology at Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine

The surgeons at Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine perform advanced spinal surgeries at our network of affiliated hospitals throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our relationships with these leading hospitals give us access to state-of-the-art equipment like stereotactic image guidance, allowing us to treat our patients with the latest, most effective surgical techniques for spinal fusion, disc replacement, tumor removal, and vascular lesions of the spine. We practice high-tech medicine with a human touch, always treating patients like family. If you suffer from back pain or have been diagnosed with an operable spinal condition, call 609.921.9001 (NJ) or 215.741.3141 (PA) to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

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