Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation Services

Evaluation, Treatment & Case Management

At Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine, we work diligently to deliver the highest level of care, and we understand that patients involved in work-related injuries require specialized treatment plans. Our practice has mastered this process, making it our goal to restore you to optimal health after an on-the-job accident. Trust PBSSM to provide skilled medical care and hands-on guidance as you navigate the complexities of an on-the-job injury claim.

PBSSM’s experienced physicians and staff have fostered dedicated relationships with workers’ compensation adjusters and case managers. Specializing in treatment for concussions and spinal injuries, we offer conservative intervention and surgical management for these conditions. Our physicians are familiar with New Jersey and Pennsylvania guidelines for work injuries, and we have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation Coordinator managing behind-the-scenes patient care to assure that patients, case managers, adjusters and attorneys receive an expedited response to their needs.

NJ & PA Workers’ Compensation Services

Along with work injuries come inevitable legal battles. When your injury involves litigation, our board-certified surgeons provide the following services tailored to your individual case:

  • Need-for-treatment examinations
  • Independent medical examinations (IMEs)
  • Depositions
  • Expert testimony

Treating every patient with the utmost respect and care is our number-one priority. Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine’s experienced staff and physicians work daily to provide the individual treatment plans and administrative attention your workers’ compensation case deserves.

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The PBSSM team is available from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays to answer your questions and manage care related to workers’ comp claims. To learn more about workers’ compensation and personal injury services, or to schedule an appointment with a PBSSM neurosurgeon or sports medicine doctor, call 609.921.9001 in New Jersey or 215.741.3141 in Pennsylvania.

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