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At Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine, our NJ and PA medical team partners with patients and families to help them make informed treatment decisions. Positive outcomes arise when patients invest in their care and engage with their clinical team. To provide PBSSM and PBSSM patients with best-possible experiences, we have created this library of medical resources, insurance information and patient policies.

Our growing practice is people-centered and focused on relationships. Here, you’ll find a team with genuine regard for your health and quality of life. Putting you in the driver’s seat, we deliver one-to-one care that calls on the latest treatment techniques and industry technologies.

Click on the links below to access featured articles, videos and answers to frequently asked questions. To get the latest details about your prescriptions, lab results and upcoming appointments, log into the PBSSM Patient Portal.


Learn about conditions and treatments

Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine knows that many of our patients like to research their condition and treatment
and look for useful resources on the internet. However, many find this a frustrating experience.

Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine is pleased to offer you a unique health and wellness search service for internet
information that:

  • Allows you to be an intelligent efficient user of the internet for health information
  • Allows you to
    find resources for top health and wellness sites in one place that are relevant to your
  • Allows you to find resources in formats that you can "digest" and use to learn

What do you want to learn about?

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To request an appointment or speak with a patient advocate about insurance verification, click here. Committed to providing exceptional neurosurgical, sports medicine and nutrition care, our team is proud to serve central and southern New Jersey, as well as northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Submit an appointment request on our patient portal or contact our New Jersey and Pennsylvania campuses to speak with a patient advocate.