Brain Cysts

Benign Brain Abnormalities

Brain Cyst Diagnosis & Treatment

A brain cyst is a fluid-filled abnormality that most often appears in children, but may be found well into adulthood. Though usually benign (non-cancerous) and localized, these fluid sacs can cause brain and nervous system problems that require intervention.

Brain cysts contain pus, blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or other tissue materials. At times, small cysts that are not growing can be observed using watchful surveillance and routine follow-ups. However, some patients experience quality-of-life symptoms that cause them to seek the opinion of an experienced neurosurgical team.

Treatment of Brain Cysts

Brain cysts that are not causing symptoms can often be managed with surveillance and repeated imaging. When brain cysts lead to quality of life problems, your neurosurgeon may recommend intervention. Depending on cyst type, size and accessibility, treatment options include:

  • Image-guided cyst draining or aspiration
  • Surgical cyst removal
  • Placement of a shunt
  • Surveillance to watch for changes

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