Artificial Disc Replacement

Disc Arthroplasty

Procedure Overview & Recovery

Artificial disc replacement, or disc arthroplasty, is an innovative surgical procedure to restore stability in the spinal column when cushioning discs between vertebrae have been damaged or deteriorated. Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine’s experienced neurosurgeons are fellowship-trained to perform this state-of-the-art procedure at leading affiliated hospitals in PA and NJ.

What Is Artificial Disc Replacement?

For years, the traditional treatment for herniated, damaged or degenerated spinal discs has been a procedure called spinal fusion, where two or more vertebrae are joined together to stabilize the spine and alleviate pain in the neck and back. This fusion of vertebrae results in a loss of spinal flexibility. With artificial disc replacement, the damaged disc is restored with an FDA-approved replacement disc consisting of two metal plates or two metal plates separated by plastic padding. The metal plates glide over one another and the plastic disc, restoring the natural function of the spine and preserving the patient’s ability to bend forward, backward and side-to-side.

Advanced Spine Treatments at Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine

Innovative treatment options like artificial disc replacement from Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine restore health and quality of life for patients. Our team of fellowship-trained surgeons uses sophisticated techniques, partnering with our network of affiliated hospitals to give PA and NJ patients better results and faster recoveries. Call us at 215.741.3141 in PA or 609.921.9001 in NJ to check insurance coverage or make an appointment. For your convenience, you can also request additional information about artificial disc replacement online.

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