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Opening Doors

Dr. Nazer Qureshi

For a long time now we’ve wanted to bring our special brand of neurosurgical care into the Hamilton area. Now we have the people power to accomplish just that.
Princeton Brain & Spine neurosurgeon Dr. Nazer Qureshi is now providing care to area residents from our new office at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The new office allows for expanded hours and our plan is to create a much stronger Princeton Brain & Spine presence in the division of spinal and cranial surgery.

Dr. Qureshi has worked on 3 continents and has presented his research at medical meetings in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East. He obtained his neurosurgical training at the world-renowned Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Qureshi said “I’m truly excited to be working with the team at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It’s a pleasure collaborating with a hospital administration that is so dedicated to providing top flight care to patients in Hamilton and the surrounding cities and towns.”

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

Many people don’t understand how health insurance works—and that’s understandable. Insurance plans can be very complicated and there are more than 1,000 plans in the marketplace. I’ll give you guidelines for choosing one that gives you the most valuable healthcare benefit: freedom of choice.

It can be difficult to wade through the huge amount of policy information that insurance companies provide, so some people skip the research and choose their plan based on only one thing: price. Buying into a plan based solely on the monthly premium is a critical mistake—if a serious illness or disability occurs, high out-of-pocket costs from insufficient coverage can send a family to financial ruin.

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Growing Opportunity for Dr. Nirav and Neha Shah Family Medical Mission

On October 6th, I returned from our most recent medical mission to the Dominican Republic. The medical missions are an outreach intended to bring the art and science of care practiced here at home, to the Bonao region in the central highlands of the Dominican Republic. By providing outstanding care, at no cost to the patients we are able to make a real difference in the lives of the people of Bonao.

The medical missions involve a medical team from Princeton Brain and Spine traveling to the Dominican Republic a few times a year to provide expert diagnostics and care to children in remote parts of the Republic. Our medical team consists of Dr. Shah, myself, and Dan Suarez, (president of Optec USA) who provides all of the back braces for the children free of charge.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia and Community Neurosurgery

Why Local Hospitals May Provide Higher-Quality Care

Recently I gave a lecture in Boston about a surgical procedure that can cure a rare condition called trigeminal neuralgia. People who suffer from this condition have brief attacks in which they experience excruciating pain in the face, mouth or throat.

Many patients describe this pain as similar to an electric shock. Sometimes the condition forces a person to fall to the ground, writhing in pain until the attack subsides. Some people suffering from the condition become so distraught that they consider committing suicide.

Trigeminal neuralgia occurs in 1 in 10,000 people, mostly people over 50 years old. In some cases, it can be managed with medication, but usually surgery is the only permanent cure.

Landmark Discovery

The procedure that solves this problem is called microvascular decompression. It was discovered in 1966 by a legendary neurosurgeon, Dr. Peter Jannetta, while he was a resident physician at UCLA. He made his discovery while doing anatomy research on cats. Continue reading Trigeminal Neuralgia and Community Neurosurgery