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Our neurosurgical team now serves Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA. See all locations here.


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Princeton Brain & Spine

PBS is one of America's leading neurosurgical practices, with multiple locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We treat brain tumors, spinal disease, stenosis, and degenerative conditions. We are expert in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, and vascular conditions. Our team of fellowship trained neurosurgeons is dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients.

Our top neurosurgeons serve patients across both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and our practice has relationships with many of the leading hospitals in both those States. As a result, many  of these hospitals have acquired leading edge equipment to allow us the opportunity to provide absolute state-of-art care to our spinal and neurological patients.

Our Neurosurgeons and Staff believe in expert, compassionate care.  We are passionate about our patients.  We believe that knowledge is power and patients are people. This website is dedicated to increasing patient knowledge, and to helping patients make informed healthcare decisions.

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