Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine Launches Redesigned Website  

New Site Includes Enhanced User Experience & Multimedia Education   As part of our goal to blend compassionate care with the industry’s most advanced neurosurgical and sports medicine treatment, Princeton Brain & Spine recently launched its redesigned patient website. Since Dr. Mark McLaughlin opened PBS in 2005, the practice has grown exponentially. Our medical team…

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Opening Doors

For a long time now we’ve wanted to bring our special brand of neurosurgical care into the Hamilton area. Now we have the people power to accomplish just that. Princeton Brain & Spine neurosurgeon Dr. Nazer Qureshi is now providing care to area residents from our new office at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The new…

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What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

Many people don’t understand how health insurance works—and that’s understandable. Insurance plans can be very complicated and there are more than 1,000 plans in the marketplace. I’ll give you guidelines for choosing one that gives you the most valuable healthcare benefit: freedom of choice. It can be difficult to wade through the huge amount of…

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Trigeminal Neuralgia and Community Neurosurgery

Why Local Hospitals May Provide Higher-Quality Care Recently I gave a lecture in Boston about a surgical procedure that can cure a rare condition called trigeminal neuralgia. People who suffer from this condition have brief attacks in which they experience excruciating pain in the face, mouth or throat. Many patients describe this pain as similar…

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The Unwanted Side Effects of the Affordable Care Act

Guest Author: Dr. Richard Leshner Chief of Cardiology at St. Mary Medical Center Two huge issues that affect doctors and our patients are the employer mandate—usually referred to as Obamacare—and the use of electronic medical records. There are serious problems with both, but there are solutions as well. Let’s start with the employer mandate. For…

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Darren Daulton’s Glioblastoma – Brain Tumor


Former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton’s recent diagnosis of glioblastoma has a lot of people asking questions about this type of tumor. Glioblastoma is a tumor that starts out in the brain itself.  We usually become aware of it when it grows large enough to press on parts of the brain that serve important functions, like…

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The Keys to Gardening with a Bad Back


  5 Principles for Safe, Therapeutic Gardening Many people with a history of a bad back and patients who’ve had spine surgery mistakenly believe that gardening is out of the question. Sometimes doctors categorically tell their patients that gardening is a no-no if you have a bad back.  Not true. Gardening, if certain commonsense safety…

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Concussion Consensus Conference

As a neurosurgeon and a sports fan, concussions have always been a particular interest to me on a professional and personal level. In early November of last year, the Fourth International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport, was held in Zurich, Switzerland. The results of the meeting were released earlier this week. Importantly, the panel…

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