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Board-Certified Intervention for Spine Disorders

Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine physicians and surgeons believe that knowledge is power—and patients are real people deserving of compassionate, personalized care. From pain conditions to disc disorders and degenerative spine disease, we are at the forefront of advanced solutions for spine health. Back pain and dysfunction limit our patients’ ability to enjoy active, vibrant lives. PBSSM creates collaborative, healing partnerships that facilitate healing, restore quality of life and deliver best-possible outcomes.

Conditions We Treat

Spine Diagnosis & Treatment

Non-Surgical Spine Care

Advanced Intervention for Chronic & Acute Conditions

The spine not only plays a structural role in the body, but it is also the primary pathway for nerve signals sent from the body to the brain. Neurosurgeons receive advanced training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of spinal conditions. They also have advanced training in pain management of spinal disorders, since spine-related pain is connected to the body’s nerve paths. Taking age, disease extent, overall health and quality of life into account, our team works collaboratively with patients to develop an integrated spine treatment that delivers best-possible outcomes.

What We Do

Minimally Invasive Spine Treatment

Spinal care at the Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine practice is provided by board-certified neurosurgeons and covers a full range of orthopedic and neurosurgical spine conditions. From diagnosis through non-surgical treatment and to spine surgery, if required, our doctors provide the best possible care in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In some cases, your doctor may utilize minimally invasive spine surgery to treat your spine disorder. These scientifically proven techniques have many advantages to open surgery, such as reduced operative time, less tissue disruption, smaller scars and faster recovery. Your PBSSM neurosurgeon will discuss minimally invasive spine intervention if it is recommended for your situation.

What Parts of the Body Does a Neurosurgeon Treat?

NJ & PA Spine Treatment Experts

As one of America’s leading neurosurgical practices, Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine partners with top-rated hospitals to provide exceptional care to local, U.S. and international patients. Delivering state-of-the-art treatment at our conveniently located New Jersey and Pennsylvania campuses, our award-winning spine specialists embrace a patient-centered approach that puts you in the driver’s seat. PBSSM is on the cutting-edge of treatment research, and we partner with orthopedists, radiologists and primary care physicians to support and advocate for you—every step of the way.

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