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What seems like a minor accident can result in major injuries and consequences. In this video, our patient Cheryl G describes her treatment by Dr. Shah as well as her whole experience with the Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine team.

My name is Cheryl. I had a fall in 2014. I was down at our waterfront, and coming back I hit my foot on one of those concrete barriers that prevent cars from moving to far. I hit it with my right toe and then my chin, as I “timbered” in to the curb. They did x-rays. They came up with Whiplash and a concussion.

The fall caused a disc to have a problem, a traumatic rupture. As time progressed I would pick something up as simple as a spoon and sugar, and sometimes my hands would shake and it would drop and make a mess. I’ve dropped the milk taking it out of the fridge. I just had a lot of numbness and tingling and I had no power in my hands. I tried different types of non invasive treatments. What brought me to Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine was through my chiropractors recommendation. I went and met Dr. Shah…. the whole team. I was very impressed.

I knew I would be in good hands, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. I can’t sing their praises enough, down to anybody in the billing department. Each doctor has a team, and they’re just very welcoming. You almost feel like you’re the only patient.

Some of the things I couldn’t do because of the injury were day-to-day household chores: Vacuuming, going to the store. Lifting the bags I had to make sure they weren’t heavy. Sriving sometimes I had trouble with range of motion in my neck, and you know you need to have your wits about you when you’re driving.

Even drying my hair or sleeping. I would wake up because I had pain. I would try to sleep one way correctly, and inevitably wake up the wrong way.

I’m happy to say that after having the success of having the surgery And by the way, I am absolutely able to do things comfortably. My headaches have dissipated. My range of motion is better. I’m sleeping better.

Nobody likes to do household chores but I’m able to get back to that. It’s the little things that count. Looking back If I had advice for anyone going through what I went through, I would definitely say do your homework, find the doctors you feel comfortable with. I was lucky enough to find that and my outcome has been really awesome.

If I could sum up Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine in 3 words, it would be “I love them”.


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