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Maria’s Story

Here’s a patient response to the Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine Care Art Initiatives:

Maria’s Story

I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in the Princeton office.  I am in pain.  My back hurts and at times my hands tingle and get numb.  I often get headaches.  Other times, I cannot describe how I feel or what I do not feel.  I walk in, and I feel my heart thumping in my throat.  I walk up to the front window and a soothing voice asks me for my paperwork.  I have not completed everything, but she tells me that she will come out and help me.  I sit by the waterfall, and I look around at the other people .. some with walkers, a young man on a stretcher, a woman crying, and I catch a glimpse of the painting on the wall.  I think .. could this be a neurosurgeon’s office, a doctor’s office, where patients get treated?  The sound of the waterfall makes the thumping in my throat cease, and as I look at the painting across the way, I think of the layers of my life that got me to this place.  I am brought back for a moment when someone asks me if I would like something to drink, or perhaps a cookie.  I think to myself .. if I need to come again, I know that I will at least feel very special here in this place.  It is now my turn to see the doctor.  I go through the door, and my breath stops for a minute as I notice two paintings side by side.  Are they signs of the mountains that I will climb when I get better? My eyes catch a glimpse of “Care” on a spine – this will certainly give me the crutch I need.  And if I need to walk in the cold snows of pain, should I be struck with a tumor, I will not fall for I will come here and have many hands to help me heal.  As I am lead to the Exam Room, I notice the colorful landscapes of hope, of nature’s wonder, and as I wait for the doctor, I think to myself that there is a plan for the kindness of the people, for the waterfall, and the art.  It is the first step towards my healing.

I’m proud to be a part of the team here

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