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Jack Osbourne Diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

PBSC is saddened to hear of the new diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in Jack Osbourne.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family for a speedy recovery.  Multiple sclerosis is an immunological disease that attacks the nervous system by damaging the nerve coverings called myelin.  Myelin acts like the covering on an copper wire that insulates and speeds conduction of electrical impulses.  When a person has a flare up of MS their coverings of their nerves are disrupted thus causing poor nerve conduction producing symptoms such as visual problems, weakness or numbness.  Multiple sclerosis can have waxing and waning periods and sometimes go into remission.  It is a serious diagnosis but fortunately there are some very effective treatments that include steroids and Immunoglobulin therapy.  Hang in there Jack.  We are pulling for you.

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