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george will on football

I have always enjoyed and highly respected George Will as a reporter and columnist.  He is a tell it like it is kind of a guy.

His recent column in the Washington Post is a provocative and compelling argument for the abolition of the game of football.

As a physician who cares for people with head injuries, I am dedicated to the safety and well being of patients everywhere.  The Healer part of me agrees with Mr Will’s opinion wholeheartedly.  As an American, an athlete, a sports aficionado, and an irrational human being, I still love football. I am struggling with this conflict.  As I contemplate which side of the fence I will fall on, to the right of my desk sits a stack of Giants 2012-13 season  tickets.  Part of me hopes that rules changes, better equipment,  and tackling technique refinement can alter the game and make it safer.

But after reading Mr. Will’s column, I have to say he makes a strong case. A very strong case.

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