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Right Parietal Lobe Osteoma

Dr. Kukla was diagnosed with an osteoma in her right parietal lobe. In this video she talks about her care in the hands of Dr. McLaughlin.

My name is Jamie Kukla. I’m a chiropractor at Dr. Jamie Kukla Chiropractic.

I was diagnosed with an osteoma in the right parietal lobe of my head. It was something that came on very gradually, I didn’t have any severe symptoms, but I would occasionally get headaches or I would feel like I had hit my head. I would have weird sensations almost like I’d hit my head, or get some pain behind my eye, and then I started to have a couple of visual Issues as well.

I went to the eye doctor and he told me everything was fine. Went to my primary and he did an MRI. He told me that the MRI had shown a bone tumor. Because it wasn’t a brain issue, and it was actually a skull issue, I wasn’t even sure what provider to see first.

I saw Dr. McLaughlin speak at an event and I approached him, and he was kind enough to take some time to talk with me and then asked me to give his office a call to come in. That’s how I met dr. McLaughlin.

The office was extremely welcoming. They took all my information. They told me about the procedure that would be done…, where it would be done, and what hospital was best suited to my needs. They also helped me to understand my insurance and coverage, and what I needed to be responsible for.

Dr. McLaughlin was always very straightforward and always very confident and reassuring and answered all of my questions. After my surgery it was important for me to get back to work, and to get back to work with all of my strength and all of my abilities.

Later I had a son and he’s 9 now and he’s the most important part of my life and important part of my day. It’s great that I can have fun with a nine year old…, and that includes trampoline and wrestling and everything else that 9 year old boy likes to do.

I can take part in that and not have any concerns. When I was diagnosed with the osteoma there wasn’t anything that I wasn’t allowed to do, or anything I couldn’t do at that time, but I was told that if I ever had any kind of head trauma or an accident or a concussion, that I could have some serious repercussions.

Two years later I did have a very severe car accident and I was very grateful that I didn’t wait and that I had the procedure done as I was advised to .

If somebody came into my office with the same condition that I was diagnosed with, I would refer them over to Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine. I know that the doctors there would take very good care of them. I know that the doctors there are willing to answer as many questions as the patient might have. I know that they have the skills and confidence to take them through that. When you have a good team behind you it makes it that much easier.

If I could sum up Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine in 3 words, they would be “above and beyond”

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