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Bill Scott MMA Fighter and Athlete

In this video Bill talks about being treated by our own Dr. McLaughlin.

My name is Bill Scott I’m a Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer and mixed martial arts fighter. I started in 1999. I had wrestled in high school and college and I’ve been professional ever since 1999.. You know my back…, well I just thought it was banged up after years of abuse At one point I was going into a tournament and my right leg was almost completely numb. I’d been dealing with it for a while and I was at the point where I couldn’t even stand up straight anymore.

I saw Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine and I felt comfortable with them, so I decided that I was going to go with those guys. They actually found that it was an older injury, and I had a fracture of L3- L4 in my lower spine.

Your disk is like this kind of this space and what had happened was the bone had actually collapsed. The nerve goes through the center so the spine had actually fused with the nerve pinched. It healed like a bone break and it had probably been that way for about 8 years. It was horrible and I really couldn’t do anything at that point.

For me, I wanted to get back surgery so that I could get back to what I was doing before. Which in my mind was everything. That’s one of the reasons I picked dr. Mark McLaughlin, because he was very positive. A lot of doctors were saying, you know you’ll be lucky to walk again, And he was saying well we’ll see what happens after the surgery.

I wanted to wrestle and do what I do again. Everybody else that I went to was very negative. When I woke up after surgery, the back pain…, the nerve pain…, was gone and I was walking around later that day. I was out of the hospital in 3 days and at the 3 month mark I was training again. One year to the day after the surgery I fought professionally.

You know if your having to need back surgery, go with your gut That’s what I did. When I went into Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine I immediately knew that when I met Dr. Mark McLaughlin this was the guy I was going to go with.

If I had 3 words to describe Princeton Brain, Spine and Sports Medicine: and I saye this to this day when I text Dr. McLaughlin.

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