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Dhimant J. Balar, DO

Internist and Sports Medicine Doctor

Board Certification

  • Internal Medicine Sports Medicine


  • Princeton
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  • Freehold

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Meet Dr. Dhimant Balar

Getting to KNOW Dhimant J. Balar, DO

Internist and Sports Medicine Doctor

As a sports medicine doctor, people tend to think that I only treat young athletes. But I consider myself to be a generalist because I treat patients from all walks, from head to toe. I’ve treated concussions that resulted from an in-game injury and others that occurred during a car accident. And, in my various capacities, I’ve treated shoulder pain in pitchers and manual laborers alike.

I’m the former director of sports medicine at the Human Motion Institute at Raritan Bay Medical Center and the current medical director of the athletic training program and team physician at Monmouth University, as well as the medical director of the Spine Institute of Central Jersey and the Centra State Rehabilitation Center.

Where I distinguish myself is in my training. Being an effective sports medicine doctor who provides orthopedic care means having a thorough understanding of how the entire body functions, not just a few injury-prone parts. As a board-certified internal medicine doctor as well, I’m able to look after my patients in a uniquely comprehensive manner. Some conditions, like sports-induced asthma and heart disease, can be misdiagnosed initially when the symptoms don’t align with the typical experience. You may come in concerned about a sore knee, but I’m going to want to dig deeper to make sure there’s nothing else awry.

My own experience as a patient informs a lot of my practice, too. I was an all-state athlete in high school. Sports were, and remain, a central part of my life. During my playing days, I sustained several injuries that required professional care. Those experiences taught me the importance of listening as a doctor. I think of myself as a naturally empathetic person, but clear, open communication is especially vital between a doctor and his patient.

Whether the injury stems from overuse or an accident, the most important thing for many of my patients is getting back to their normal lifestyles. As the father of a two-year-old who’s constantly in motion, I get it. And that’s why I opt for conservative treatment whenever it’s possible. It’s how I get my patients off the sidelines and back into the game quickly and safely. It’s what I’d want if the roles were reversed.

My practice welcomes referrals for most orthopedic-related injuries, concussions, and sport-specific consultations, and we accept most major insurance providers, as well as Medicare.

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