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Cyrus Oriendo, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist



  • Lawrenceville

Before I even knew what physical therapy was, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to healthcare so I could help people get back to living their best lives. Once I learned about physical therapy, I realized I’d found my path to do just that.

Many of our patients arrive for their first appointment feeling frustrated or discouraged. Whether because of an injury or a medical condition, they’ve been pulled away from a lot of the everyday activities and interactions that give their lives meaning. I explain that, with their trust, I can help them.

To that end, I try to set their expectations right from the beginning. While the precise nature of physical therapy enables a near-complete recovery of mobility in most cases, the severity of the patient’s injury or condition also plays a part in determining the outcome.

After more than two decades as a physical therapist, I’m confident in my ability and the transformative power of the treatment, but I’m careful to never give a patient false hope. We need to work toward a common goal. As soon as we can determine what that is, trust will usually begin to blossom. And progress won’t be far behind.

In some instances physical therapy can be uncomfortable, even a little painful, until the patient becomes more resilient. Clearly explaining what I’m about to do and why, can help alleviate some of the discomfort. I’ve found that keeping the mood light and jovial can be very effective, too.

I’m a father of three, so I’m well acquainted with the power of laughter. I get in good with my kids by playing around with them. My wife, the disciplinarian between the two of us, doesn’t always agree with my approach, but kindness and humor have gotten me this far.

My patients want to know that I’m a capable therapist. But they’re more likely to stick with their treatment when it feels less like a chore and more like an escape. At each session, we’re stepping out of their lives and inching closer to the world they want to occupy. And if they happen to not notice the occasional discomfort along the way, all the better.

My practice welcomes referrals for most spine disorders, and we accept most major insurance providers, as well as Medicare.

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