Tom Ulrich

Tom Ulrich, DC

Tom Ulrich, DC Chiropractor Chiropractic is a new experience for many people. With that in mind, my main goal when meeting a patient for the first time, and then throughout their treatment, is to help them feel as comfortable with me and their treatment process as I can. I do that by discussing their condition…

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Steve Lychock

Steve Lychock, DC

Steve Lychock, DC Chiropractor A lifelong interest in science and healthcare drew me to chiropractic, but I believe my every-guy nature is what’s enabled me to excel in the field. While chiropractic is a non-invasive therapy, chiropractors tend to have more of a hands-on relationship with their patients than most healthcare providers do. So, in…

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Gregory Quille

Gregory Quille, DC Chiropractor My staff likes to joke that I’m too talkative with my patients sometimes. But I’m always very conscious of putting my patients at ease. For someone who’s never visited a chiropractor before, chiropractic can be a foreign and sometimes intimidating concept. Typically, I’ll start by explaining what chiropractic is about. And…

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