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Why Do I Have a Brain Tumor - Dr Joseffer

Patients ask us why they have a tumor. Was it DNA? Something they did wrong?
Why Do I Have a Brain Tumor? Seth Joseffer MD, FACS Patients ask us why they have a tumor. Was it DNA? Something they did wrong? The answer may not be as simple as you think. … https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/why-do-i-have-brain-tumor/

What Are My Chances of Surviving Brain Cancer: Dr Joseffer

Naturally, the BIG question for patients is: "What Are My Chances of Surviving Brain Cancer"
What Are My Chances of Surviving Brain Cancer? Seth Joseffer MD, FACS The big question for any patient diagnosed with brain cancer is basic: "What are my chances?" In this … https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/what-are-my-chances-surviving-brain-cancer/

How Are Brain Tumors Classified? Dr Joseffer

Dr Joseffer's overview of brain tumors continues with this informative video.
How Are Brain Tumors Classified? Seth Joseffer MD, FACS Dr. Joseffer continues his series of informative video about brain tumors and their treatment. In this video he explain… https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/how-are-brain-tumors-classified/

Is It Cancer: Dr Joseffer

Thee;s no question that the "C" word causes us to feel anxious.
Is It Cancer? Seth Joseffer MD, FACS In this incredibly informative video, Dr. Joseffer explains not just the difference between different types of tumors and cells, but also … https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/it-cancer/

Treatments For Brain Tumors: Dr Joseffer

Diagnosis of a Brain Tumor is frightening to the patient
Treatments For Brain Tumors: Video Seth Joseffer MD, FACS There is no question that the diagnosis of a brain tumor is a traumatic event. Nevertheless, treatment options for Br… https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/treatments-brain-tumors/

What Is A Brain Tumor? Dr Joseffer

Video with Dr Joseffer answers the question... "what is a brain tumor?"... "What do I need to know?"
What Is A Brain Tumor? Seth Joseffer MD, FACS Primary brain tumors can be either malignant (contain cancer cells) or benign (do not contain cancer cells). A primary brain tumo… https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/what-brain-tumor/

Meningiomas: Dr Joseffer

Dr Seth Joseffer provides an overview of what can be a frightening diagnosis for the patient
Meningiomas Seth Joseffer MD, FACS A meningioma is a tumor that forms on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull. Often, meningiomas cause no symp… https://www.princetonbrainandspine.com/brain/meningiomas-video/


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