The Impact of Art

artists find refuge and regeneration through their artFebruary 6, 2018 – August 31,  2018
Reception: Februry 6, 5:30-7:30

Art Times Two, the gallery at the Princeton Brain and Spine

We have all found ourselves moved or changed in an encounter with art;  we have felt the impact of art. Memories can be evoked, spirit can be uplifted, a sense of beauty can replace agitation. Add to this the widespread documentation that the vital signs of patients improve when art is integrated into their surroundings. In these settings families are comforted and staff find relief as well.  Some artists choose to create work specifically for this particular purpose.

However, there is quite another purpose for making art when artists find themselves faced with fear or pain or grief. They respond with new bodies of work. Working to create meaning they discover new subject matter, new directions and new expression. In the studio they find healing.

In The Impact of Art, Princeton area artists Anne Elliot, Shellie Jacobson, Sarah Morejohn, and Maria Pisano are joined by Philadelphia artist Charlene Lutz in exhibiting work they have created when confronted with illness, psychological dissonance or loss. These artists gathered courage to deal with their issues and they show courage in their willingness to share their discoveries with an audience. On exhibit also are works by New York artist Karen Fitzgerald who makes art specifically to inspire a space of contemplation and healing for others, and who has worked on behalf of small groups and large institutions who welcome art as a component of healing.

The gallery would like to thank Merrill Lynch for their support by sponsoring the public reception.


ArtTimesTwo curator Madelaine Shellaby works in concert with Dr Mark Mclaughlin who states: The purpose of opening up our office to art exhibits by ArtTimesTwo is three-fold.  First and most importantly, it provides a comforting, healing atmosphere for our patients who are frightened or apprehensive.  Second, it gives local artists the opportunity to display, promote, and sell their work.  And lastly, through commissions received on every sale, it benefits the Spinal Research Foundation – which ultimately benefits our patients and the improvement of spine health care.

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