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brain West Point Football Coaching Staff Video

Feature video with our own Mark McLaughlin, M.D. In addition to being a recognized leader in neurosurgery, Dr. McLaughlin is a noted "performance coach"..., helping others to unlock their potential, through the application of universal principles of "Precision, Concentration, and Execution".

Brain Surgery and Football. Unrelated? Think again.

Football coaches ingrain focus and discipline in their players. A surgeon uses similar skills operating on a patient. Just as a football team performs various plays, physicians must exhibit extraordinary abilities to make split second decisions, and meet ever changing conditions. So who better to instruct to instruct some of the most elite football coaches than a highly qualified neurosurgeon?

"The goal of the precision workshop was to not only paint a picture for the West Point coaches and players, but to actually immerse them in what it's like to be a neurosurgeon. I wanted them to see what my concept is of precision, execution, and concentration."

"Even though it seems that we work in worlds apart, maybe..., not so much."

In 2013, Dr. Mark McLaughlin has been honored to work closely with the coaching staff of the West Point Football Team. He's also traveled to West Point to share his approach to precision and competition with the members of the team.

Dr. McLaughlin has been fascinated by the characteristics of performance and execution for many years. In this video, you will learn a great deal about his approach to both neurosurgery and the competitive playing field. The principles of precision, concentration, and execution hold true across many disciplines.


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