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Joseffer Scrubs SmallSeth Joseffer MD, FACS

In this incredibly informative video, Dr. Joseffer explains not just the difference between different types of tumors and cells, but also the steps that might occur before before an actual diagnosis of cancer.

Patients at the beginning of their treatment are generally told that they have an abnormal MRI, that they have a brain mass, or that they have a brain tumor. What they want to know is whether it is cancer – is it malignant? It all depends on the type of cell. Tumors in the brain are different than tumors in other areas of the body. Breast cancer, for example, generally causes problems when it is able to leave the breast and go to other areas of the body, such as the liver or lungs. Once it reaches those other sites, it can disrupt the body’s vital functions. Doctors generally refer to tumors as ‘cancerous’ or malignant when they have the ability to travel to other sites in the body.

Brain tumors are different in that they do not typically leave the brain and go to other parts of the body. Whether a type of brain tumor is malignant is determined by how likely it is to continue to grow despite treatment. The most malignant tumors have a very high rate of recurrence, while benign tumors may not progress even without treatment. Tumors in the brain cause problems by disrupting its function, either by pressing on or infiltrating through areas that are critical for normal function and survival.

Dr Seth Joseffer Video Brain Surgery Brain Tumor

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